I am Tom Carchrae, a software developer and optimization expert.  I build software that helps people to solve complex problems. The tools I produce help people make better decisions. I strive to ensure that the tools I produce are a good fit; nothing is optimal if it solves the wrong problem.

I have spent my professional life alternating between academia and industry. This has given me an interesting perspective on the the suitability of state-of-the-art research for solving real-wold problems. This has driven my academic work, which in turn provided inspiration when solving new industrial problems.

My research and work addresses the topic of the ease-of-use of optimization technology. I have applied machine learning methods to algorithms for resource scheduling to produce robust high quality results automatically. These methods are general and I believe they are applicable to many different types of problems.


Themes: optimization, scheduling, operations research, artificial intelligence, machine learning, constraint programming, manufacturing, logistics, vehicle routing, crew scheduling, dispatch, deployment.

Sectors: manufacturing (steel, textile, automotive, print and so on), emergency medical services (real-time deployment of ambulances, planning analytics), oil and gas (rig fleet scheduling, support resource scheduling), renewable energy (smart environmental control, power generation scheduling)