When I woke up from dreaming, I fell into two amazing programs.  The point of departure was applying and getting into the BOSS self-employment program at Capilano. This required me to commit 10 weeks of business boot-camp. I spent the time reading everything I could to become a business hacker. I emerged with altered perceptions on business and the skills to make it work.

I often wonder if I am just lucky or observant. When it came time to leave Capilano and go out and build and sell my product, Maura, Jeff and Sonia were launching a space called The timing could not have been more perfect. The interactions with other startup hackers and the awesome mentor contacts and seminars have been great. Vancouver is a small town and bootup really helped to fast-track me into the Vancouver startup scene. Spaces like bootup are a vortex of people, ideas and opportunity.


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