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Icebergs and Estimates

One of the challenges in planning anything is knowing what is involved and how long each step will take.  We like to believe that a good plan is best practice, but in reality, any plan is based on assumptions and perspective; “that is not a big iceberg” or “this will take a week”.  Sticking to a plan is sheer madness. Constant analysis and updating of the plan is considered best practice in software and business. The ultimate question though is not just one of creating and maintaining a perfect plan. It the ability to understand when the original goals of the plan are no...
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Are you picking the right nits?

Most times I have conversations with Overlap Matt we riff on something good.  I was lamenting over nit picking and slow development progress, to which he replied, ah, but are you picking the right nits?!?
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Yet another

I’m still astounded by the number of web-apps I keep finding on employee scheduling.  Is it a case of you see what you focus on, or is it really there are so many of them?  The real question is how long do any of them stay in existence.
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The art

Aside from coding and talking to customers, I’ve spent a fair bit of time learning business. I wrote a business plan, just to say I could (well actually it was required by a course), and then I wrote a one-page business model . The balance, I think, is somewhere between the two. I feel better for having explored both extremes. I roll my eyes at fundamentalists who cannot pick and choose the valuable. “I developed The Great Teacher Theory late in my freshman year. It was a cornerstone of the theory that great teachers had great personalities and that the greatest teachers had...
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When I woke up from dreaming, I fell into two amazing programs.  The point of departure was applying and getting into the BOSS self-employment program at Capilano. This required me to commit 10 weeks of business boot-camp. I spent the time reading everything I could to become a business hacker. I emerged with altered perceptions on business and the skills to make it work. I often wonder if I am just lucky or observant. When it came time to leave Capilano and go out and build and sell my product, Maura, Jeff and Sonia were launching a space called The timing could not have been...
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